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Medical disposable face mask, Dental absorbent face mask
Surgical face mask-Dental absorbent face mask Cutting-edge innovation: patented mouthpiece opening facilitates dental treatment, while maintaining nasal protection. Face fit & protection: Evenly distributed mount provides complete facial cover against instruments and pollutants. Stain-resistent
Disposable dental Medical dust Face Mask, Eye-protection face mask
Medical face mask•Eye-protection face mask Multiple uses for all protection of face, eyes and forehead in surgery.  Super comfort & flexibility. High transparency with wide angle of vision.
N95 face mask with valve
1. Efficient filtration of airborne particles with a very close facial fitness. PFE(Particle Filtration Efficiency)≧95% 2. Exhalation valve for the effective removal of heat and moisture to reduce stuffiness. 3. Foldable design: Convenient to store in a bag. 4. Made of multi-layered non-allergi

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Since 1978, Motex has been dedicating its resources in research & development, manufacturing and marketing of leading edge in surgical facemasks, wound dressings, and medical tapes that address the ever-changing needs of today's healthcare workers. We have been engaged in this field for many years with high reputation of excellent quality.


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